Winter Weather Awareness

A guide to help you stay safe and healthy during winter

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Here you can find links to more useful resources.

More Resources

FEMA is responsible for helping people during emergencies or disasters.  This site provides good definitions for winter terms and has good information on how to protect yourself and your car.  They also provide information on what to do in a winter emergency, such as being stuck in a blizzard.

The NWS monitors all the weather for the United States and provides watches and warnings for dangerous storms.  This website offers information on current forecasts and warnings, how to prepare and become aware for winter, and has examples of past winter storms that caused a lot of damage.

The CDC is a leading authority in protecting people from illness. This site offers great information on winter weather, what steps to take to prevent sickness, and types of sicknesses and injuries that can occur as a result of winter weather.

OSHA provides some detailed information so people can stay safe during winter.  More specifically, this site provides good information on types of winter weather, how to protect your body, and driving tips.

The Weather Channel provides useful information on winter weather and how to stay safe on their website.  A nice feature of this site is that it has what are called “WeatherREADY” videos that relate to winter and winter safety.